Branding | UX UI Design | Communication

Branding | UX UI Design | Communication

Appo the appointment and schedule app tailored for the salon industry. With our problem-centric approach, we embraced the core challenge of “waiting is boring”. Through a blend of funny and clever memes, we successfully transformed Appo’s journey into a delightful and memorable experience. Explore our portfolio to witness how we brought the brand’s essence to life with a touch of wit and creativity.


About Appo

Appo is a dynamic salon booking platform expected to work on every time of the client’s journey, offering a far reaching response for salon owners and clients. Appo means to raise the salon experience and smooth out work for the clients and specialist organisations. We used creative branding techniques and designs to make it visually appealing.

Top to bottom, Appo bases on working on each piece of the client’s journey, from booking plans to post-organization resulting meet-ups. Clients can easily book gatherings with two or three clicks. This streamlined booking process saves time and manages their schedules even more. We worked on branding and designing. Our strategy here is to attract the right people whose day-to-day needs are based on the salon.


One of the essential features of Appo is its ability to redo the client experience past the in-shop visit. Whether it’s proposing altered items or sending assigned headways, Appo draws in salon owners to gather more grounded relationships with their clients and redesign purchaser reliability. We also made a minimal communication approach to save everyone’s time.

Benefits and Services

Generally, Appo is something past the booking stage, it’s a comprehensive solution planned to change the salon business. Its unique branding technique consists of high visual quality. By reducing the work on every time of the client’s journey, Appo draws in salon owners to convey remarkable service and collect great connections with their clients.

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