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Inspired by the enchanting tale of fireflies, we crafted a minimalistic design that captures the essence. We precisely crafted the logo. ID8NXT has brought the story of Jonaki to life. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Jonaki as we present our creative journey in redefining fragrance branding with elegance and allure.

Inspiration behind Jonaki

The fragrance brand Jonaki makes magnificent stories with smell and aroma, drawing motivation from the interest of fireflies. Jonaki’s branding creates a vibe of style and charm while capturing the stunning beauty of flies through a moderate plan approach. We use this dynamic approach to boost organic visualisation.

Brand Motto

Jonaki welcomes clients to encounter the allure of smell by getting scent together with tastefulness, making a material encounter that goes past the standard. With its limited lively and attractive story, Jonaki renames the constraints of aroma stepping. It is, generally, a mix of innovativeness and workmanship. Clients are free to find the marvels of simplicity and imaginative brains as they travel through the Jonaki universe, making every collaboration with the brand truly animating.

Our Branding Story

Our unique branding technique of Jonaki’s innovative strategy is the carefully designed minimal logo, which watches out for the brand’s attributes and story. The logo, which was made with simplification and flawlessness, addresses Jonaki’s obligation to change aroma stepping. The inventive psyche behind Jonaki, ID8NXT, has given the barely out of the box new life and a dazzling appeal that tempts clients to inspect its reality.

ID8NXT has shown strong regions for a sense and an assurance to conveying convincing stories in all features of their personality of Jonaki. From the decision bundling to the very much picked smell profiles, Jonaki encases its gathering by a rich and strong universe.

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