Microsoft: Fastest Coder Hackathon

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Fastest coder
hackathon case study

Sponsored by Microsoft and powered by Github CoPilot,
Fastest Coder Hackathon became the talk of the town
How we helped the Fastest Coder Hackathon
to get 21000+ developers registration in just
the span of 3 weeks?

The primary aim of the Fastest Coder Hackathon was
to significantly increase registrations, elevate brand
recognition, and encourage active participation.
Furthermore, this initiative was designed to underscore
Microsoft’s dedication to nurturing developer
communities and promoting the adoption of GitHub
Co-pilot through its integration into the hackathon.

Campaign Objectives

The main goal of this hackathon was to significantly
increase registrations, while also enhancing
brand recognition, and fostering engagement.
Furthermore, it required the flawless execution
of the hackathon across both offline and online
channels. Additionally, the strategy needed to
emphasise the brand’s dedication to nurturing
developer communities and advocating for the
adoption of cutting-edge coding techniques
through their incorporation into the hackathon.

Our Approach

We took the lead in overseeing the entire
campaign, handling all aspects, including website
management, registration procedures and on-site
coordination. Our campaign revolves around
a user-friendly microsite and employs email
marketing, performance-based advertising,
collaboration with influential figures, and active
engagement on social media to connect with
India’s developer community.

Brand Objectives
We Surpassed

GitHub Copilot Activation

Interactive brand storytelling

Engagement and awareness of Azure products









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